The numbers that have shaped the rivalry between Calgary Flames, and Edmonton Oilers over the past 42 years.

One of the greatest rivalries in hockey is The Battle of Alberta.

Since the Atlanta Flames relocated 1,914 miles to Calgary, Alberta, has hosted some of the NHL’s most intense games, exciting moments, and famous dynasties.

The rivalry between the Oilers and Flames has not diminished since they won together six Stanley Cups in the 1980s.

The ongoing feud between Matthew Tkachuk, and Zack Kassian and their rearranged schedules for 2020-21, where they had to face each other 10 times in four months has reignited hatred between the Flames and Oilers, who have been rated 25/1 by NHL oddsmakers as the favorites to win Stanley Cup 2022.

The Battle has returned, which is good news for hockey in Alberta.

What about the history of this team? What team has the right to brag at this time? Take a look.

Regular season record

Between the Atlanta Flames and the Calgary Flames there have 253 regular-season meetings.

Despite the Oiler’s dominance of hockey for much of the 1980s, the Flames have an edge during the regular season.

Calgary won 126 games against Edmonton. Edmonton lost 103 regular games and six overtime games Wunderdog NHL consensus.

Edmonton has 109 victories over Calgary. Calgary’s 126 defeats are split between 117 in regulation time and nine overtime.

The NHL’s current overtime rule was introduced before the NHL shared 18 ties between the two teams.

Calgary has a better road record than Edmonton. Calgary has won 45 games in Edmonton while Edmonton has triumphed 54 times.

The Flames scored more goals in the Battle of Alberta, which is a good sign for winning games.

Calgary scored 862 goals against Edmonton in the rivalry game but conceded 824.

 Postseason record

The Flames are the superior team during the regular-season Battle of Alberta, but the Oilers dominate their opponents when it counts most: in the playoffs.

Of the five series played between Calgary and Edmonton in the postseason, the Oilers won four. This includes two victories over the division finals, which they achieved by winning the Stanley Cup, respectively, in 1983-84, and 1987-88.

The Oilers beat the Flames in playoffs 19 times but lost 11 games.

When you take into consideration each team’s postseason records, the picture is still similar.

In the history of their franchise, The Oilers won 160 Stanley Cup games while only losing 112

The Flames have an overall losing postseason record. Calgary won 103 games and lost 118 in the history of its playoffs.

Don’t forget about the Stanley Cup, which is also a very important item.

Few teams have been able to match the Oilers’ dynasty from 1983-84 through 1989-90. They won five Stanley Cups in that period.

Although Edmonton has yet to win another championship title, these five titles place them as the sixth-most successful franchise in history.

Although the Flames managed to end the Oilers’ dominance in one season, they only won their first Stanley Cup championship back in 1988-1989.

Although both teams had another unsuccessful Stanley Cup appearance in early 2000, success in Alberta has been difficult to find for over three decades.

Greatest players

The Battle of Alberta is a great example of a rivalry that has been defined by some of the best players in history.

No player has been more influential than Wayne Gretzky. He was at the heart of the Oilers’ dynasty of the 1980s.

Gretzky has the most points in the Battle of Alberta. He scored 133 goals against Calgary and assisted 132 times during his 10 years with Edmonton.

Glenn Anderson is the leading scorer against the Flames in the NHL, with 45 goals scored during his eleven seasons as a member of the team.

Edmonton also boasts the best NHL player of all time, Connor McDavid.

McDavid is still putting up absurd numbers each season, and at just 25 years old he has many more seasons of dominance ahead.

With 26 goals against the Flames, he is currently the Oiler’s active leader for goals and points.

This isn’t to say Calgary doesn’t have great players.

Hall of Famer Al MacInnis leads the team in points against Edmonton, with 82. Recent inductee Jacinta Iginla is their top scorer in this match with 34.

Mark Giordano is the Seattle Kraken’s active point leader against Edmonton, with 36. Johnny Gaudreau, on the other hand, has 15 goals, making him their active goal leader.

 Where will we be in the future?

These numbers show a clear picture of the rivalry between Calgary and Edmonton: Calgary wins in regular-season games, while Edmonton comes through when it counts.

Both franchises are not where they would like to be, as each has only made one postseason appearance since the turn of the century.

The intensity of rivalry has waned, but the situation in Alberta seems to be improving.

Edmonton’s top talent is locked down through 2026. The team has been slowly building up a squad capable of winning the playoff series once again.

Calgary is in a slightly worse situation, but it has some young talented players who could help them to make a comeback as a playoff-caliber team.

Recent events, such as the Tkachuk vs Kassians brawl have reignited this rivalry. Meetings between these two sides are now more intense than ever.

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