Famous Gamblers – Doc Holliday

John Henry “Doc” Holliday was born in Georgia in 1851. His mother passed away at the age of his teens and his father then got married. His family had high expectations of John Henry since his father was a prominent figure in the town, and was even elected as the town’s mayor. To delight them, John Henry chose a profession in dentistry. He attended dental school, completed a two-year dental apprenticeship, was awarded the title of Doctor of Dentistry along with a colleague, and opened a dental clinic in Atlanta.

Soon after he began working, doctors informed him that he was seriously suffering from tuberculosis. They gave him just one or two months to live. He could be able to add a few months to the sentence of death it was suggested if relocated to a dry climate. Doc quickly packed up his equipment and relocated to Dallas which was about the closest railway at the time. Doc did his best to be a dentist, however, his frequent coughing spells rendered it impossible to achieve slot siteleri success.

It’s tough to pull a tooth out or place a filling in a patient with coughing. After his business had slowed as he grew older, he sought a different method to earn a living and found that he was a man with plenty of potentials and natural talent as a gambler. decided to make it his job.

The American West at that time had earned its reputation as dangerous, wild, and intolerant, to defend him Doc trained with a gun and knife until he was an expert. He traveled across the Southwest buying bars, and gambling and was involved in several gunfights, arguments shootings, and murders that earned him a deserved reputation as a violent man with a bad temper. You can see the recklessness because he believed that there was nothing to lose.

After all, the day would come when he’d die shortly. He thought it was safer to be killed in a gunfight or knife fight rather than to suffer from tuberculosis. He was always running from one place to the other, usually just a few steps ahead of the posse who were out to string him up. He was an excellent gambler and despite all the turmoil throughout his life, he accumulated an enviable amount of money from the money he won.

At Fort Griffin, Texas, the man saved Wyatt Earp from an angry group of men who were trying to surround him and was poised to murder Wyatt Earp. Doc’s usual issues fighting, argument and murders – forced him to leave Fort Griffin and he joined Wyatt and Wyatt’s brothers in Tombstone, Arizona, a growing silver mining town.

The Clancy group, which was an armed gang of cattle rustlers, thieves, and murderers, according to the majority of accounts, swam around the town. The people who lived there embraced them since they frequented bars and other establishments and when they were in town, took the time to be good people. Ike Clancy, who was the leader, and his followers, were displeased with the arrival of Earps as well as Holliday who began to bring an orderly and lawful town.

They got into a dispute between themselves and Doc (easy to pick a fight with due to Doc’s tense nature) and then set the goal of killing the man.

The fight escalated and ultimately led to an iconic Gunfight that took place at the O. K. Corral in 1881. It’s not known who started it, but despite all the publicity, it was only 30 seconds long and just three people were killed. Doc Holliday took a bullet into his hip, which only left a bruise and he escaped.

A lot of gunfights in the Old West were bloodier but this one was the most well-known. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were both arrested for murder but were never tried as the grand jury ruled that there was not enough evidence.

In 1887, Doc’s health declined quickly and in November of the year he died, declaring, “This is funny.” What did he think? He was sure he’d be shot dead during a gunfight or hanging from a rope or struck through a knife in the ribs. He passed away peacefully in his hospital bed, which to him was hilarious. The apologists and his enemies honored Doc Holliday as perhaps the most successful gambler in his time in the Old West.

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